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Vertical and TAM Adex Classification

The categories/verticals are as per BCCL’s internal classification and includes the below subsets/sub-genre used by TAM Adex in its report/database for Sept 2021 basis which we have clubbed together different advertisement categories under various heads and collectively referred it to as Real Estate, E-Business, Consumer Durables and Retail.

The Real Estate volume is a sum total of TAM Ad Ex classification of Properties/Real Estates, Domestic/Buss assembly halls, Gen-property/Land for Sale/Rent/Purchase, Events-Real Estate and Prof serv-real estate consultants.

The E-Business volume is a sum total of TAM Ad Ex classification of Ecom-Other Services, Tele Shopping, Ecom-Jobs, Ecom-Matrimonials, Ecom-Travel & Tourism, Ecom-Online Shopping, Ecom-Real Estate, Ecom-Auto Products&Services, Ecom-Auto Rental Services, Ecom-Clothing/Textile/Fashion, Ecom-Financial Services, Ecom-Food/Grocery, Ecom-Pharma/Healthcare, Ecom-Home/Interior/Furniture, Ecom-Media/Entertainment/Social Media, Ecom-Payment Banks, Ecom-Wallets and Ecom-Gaming.

The Consumer Durables volume is a sum total of TAM Ad ex classification of Fans, Televisions, Lighting Products, Music Systems, Electric Irons, Vcr/Vcp/Vcd/Dvd/Home Theatre, Drycells, Torches, Portable Gensets, Electrical Switches/Parts, Boosters/Antena/Ch Receivers, Geysers/Water Heaters, Air Coolers, Water Purifiers/Filters, Air Conditioners, Mixers/Grinders, Glasswares/Crockeries, Toys Indoor Games, Umbrellas/Rain Coats, Film Rolls, Locks, Camera-Film/Slr, Luggage, Pressure Cookers/Electrical Cookers, Refrigerators, Sewing/Knitting Machines, Washing Machines, Gas Stoves/Cooktops/Induction Cookers, Type Writers, Photo Copiers, Fax Machines, Non Stick Cookwares, Vacuum Cleaners, Kitchen Wares, Other Home Appliances, Thermowares, Household Products, Room Heater, Radio, Audio Video/Cd Cassettes, Water Coolers, Calculator/Electronic Diaries, Tea/Coffee Maker, Hair Dryers, Music Album, Microwave Ovens, Atta Chakki, Gas Lighters, Ups, Soda/Drink Maker, Otg/Ovens, Toasters, Consumer Durables/Home Appliances, Kitchen/Household Prods Range, Office Automation Range, Other Household Products Range, Personal Electronic Items Rang, Ret Water Purifiers/Filters, Av Auxiliaries, Sports Goods/Accessories, Dishwashers, Icecream Makers, Power Backup Systems, Inverters, Security Systems, Roti Maker, Air Purifiers, Dispensers/Vending Machines, Electronics, Camera-Digital, Camera-Video/Camcorder, Camera-Range, Camera-Accessories, Dvd/Vcd/Audio Cd/Cassettes, Ret Dispensers/Vending Machine, Musical Instruments, Durables-Corporate, Events-Durables, Household Ups & Inverter Batteries, Ret Household Ups & Inverter Batteries, Voltage Stabilizers, Toys Indoor Games-Consoles, School Bags, Kitchen Chimneys, Ret Kitchen Chimneys, Ret Air Purifiers, Ret Electronics, Ret Hair Dryers, Ret Musical Instruments, Ret Roti Maker and Ret Toys Indoor Games-Consoles.

The Retail volume is a sum total of TAM Ad ex classification of Watches,  Display Retail Shops,  Retail Outlets-Jewellers,  Product Range,  Clocks,  Others Range,  Ret Air Conditioners,  Ret Atta Chakki,  Ret Basic Telephones,  Ret Calculator/Elec Diary,  Ret Cellular Phones,  Ret Cellular Phone Service,  Ret Cement,  Ret Computer Printers,  Ret Consumer Durables/Home Appliances,  Ret Epabx,  Ret Fans, Ret Fax Machines, Ret Footwear, Ret Geysers/Water Heaters, Ret Mixers/Grinders, Ret Photo Copiers, Ret Portable Gensets, Ret Readymade Garments, Ret Refrigerators, Ret Sewing/Knitting Machines, Ret Televisions, Ret Toys Indoor Games, Ret Washing Machines, Ret Writing Instruments, Ret Desktops, Ret Paints, Ret Office Automation Rng, Ret Dress Materials/Shirtings, Ret Edible Oil, Ret Hosiery, Ret Music Systems, Ret Type Writers, Ret Luggage, Ret Peripherals, Ret Hair Oils, Ret Hair Dyes, Ret Watches, Ret Gas Lighters, Ret Clocks, Ret Eyewear-Glasses/Frames, Ret Kitchen/Household Rng, Ret Electric Irons, Ret Non Stick Cookwares, Ret Paging Service, Ret Lpg Cylinders, Ret Lighting Products, Ret Loft Tanks, Ret Food Products Range, Ret Camera-Range, Retail Outlets-Others, Ret Ups, Ret Co Op Ads(Pger/Paging Ser), Ret Sarees, Ret Denim, Ret Suitings, Ret Packaged Rice, Ret Adhesives, Ret Laptops/Notebooks, Ret Vacuum Cleaners, Ret Thermowares, Ret Others Range, Ret Microwave Ovens, Ret Female Shaving Systems, Ret Soda/Drink Maker, Ret Detergent Cakes/Bars, Ret Blues, Ret Vcr/Vcp/Vcd/Dvd/Hometheatr, Ret Ice Cream/Frozen Desserts, Ret Gas Stoves/Cooktops/Induction Cooker, Ret Fabrics/Garments/Furn Rang, Ret Pressure Cookers/Electrical Cookers, Ret Drycells, Ret Computers Related Range, Ret Room Heater, Ret Otg/Ovens, Ret Torches, Ret Servers/Mainframes/Minis, Ret Air Coolers, Ret Soft Drink Aerated, Ret Water Cooler, Ret Umbrellas/Rain Coats, Ret Electrical Switches/Parts, Ret Film Rolls/Color Processin, Ret Kitchen Wares, Ret Winter Wear, Ret Knitting Wool, Ret Shawls/Blankets, Ret Roofings, Ret Stationery, Ent Zones-Miscellaneous, Studio/Processing, Branded Jewellery, Ret Inverters, Ret Ghee, Ret Other Home Appliances, Ret Dishwashers, Ret Bed Linens, Ret Other Telecommu Servce, Ret Protective Coatings, Ret Animal Feed, Ret Telecom Prods & Ser Rng, Ret Building Materials/Systems, Ret Electrical Products/Range, Ret Software, Ret Fireworks/Festival Related Products, Ret Radio, Ret Sports Goods/Accessories, Ret Soft Drink Non Aerated, Ret Locks, Ret Branded Atta, Ret Instant Mix, Ret Other Hair Dressing, Ret Tea/Coffee Maker, Ret Perfumes/Deodorant, Ret Glassware/Crockeries, Ret Toasters, Ret Multi-Function Buss Prods, Art Galleries, Decorative Items/Gifts, Handlooms/Handicrafts, Ret Milk Beverages, Ret Networking, Ret Automotive Sector, Ret Cosmetics Range, Ret Pre Post Wash Prods, Ret Seeds/Planting Material, Display Entertainment, Ret Security Systems, Ret Basic Telecom Services, Ent Zones-Multiplexes, Ent Zones-Theatres, Ent Zones-Amusement Parks, Ret Agri Products Range, Ret Air Curtains, Ret Air Fresheners, Ret Audio Video/Cd Cassettes, Ret Av Auxillaries, Ret Boosters/Antena/Ch Receive, Ret Branded Salts, Ret Cake/Pastry/Bread, Ret Camera-Accessories, Ret Camera-Digital, Ret Camera-Film/Slr, Ret Camera-Video/Camcorder, Ret Cd Rom, Ret Chips & Microprocessors, Ret Condoms, Ret Dth Service Providers, Ret Fertilizers, Ret Frozen Foods, Ret Home Insecticides, Ret Honey, Ret Household Products, Ret Internet Service Providers, Ret Lifestyle, Ret Lipsticks, Ret Liquor, Ret Liquor-Beer, Ret Mens Toiletries, Ret Mineral Water, Ret Nail Enamels, Ret Otc Products Range, Ret Pesticides, Ret Skin Care Products Range, Ret Soaps Cakes/Bars, Ret Spices, Ret Sun Control Films, Ret Surgical Goods/Equipments, Ret Sweets/Other Milk Products, Ret Tarpaulins, Ret Telecom Equipment, Ret Telecom/Internet Services, Ret Threads & Accessories, Ret Toilet/Floor Cleaners, Ret Tooth Powders, Ret Towels, Miscellaneous, Libraries, Ret Mobile/Durable Accessories, Events-Entertainment, Events-Fashion/Lifestyle, Events-Jewellery, Events-Shopping, Events-Retail, Ret Cellular Phones-Smart Phones, Ret Tablet Computers, Prof Serv-Rental Services, Retail Outlets-Clothing/Textiles/Fashion, Retail Outlets-Departmental Stores, Retail Outlets-Electronics/Durables, Retail Outlets-Food, Retail Outlets-Footwear, Retail Outlets-Kids Stores, Ret Voltage Stabilizers, Astrology Products, Ret School Bags, Retail Outlets-Stationery/Gift Articles, Prof Serv-Orchestra/Musical Parties, Ret Decorative Items/Gifts, Retail Outlets-Agriculture and Retail Outlets-Building Material/Systems.