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MT Short Film Festival | Rules and Regulations

Last Date of Submission – 15th Nov 2021

Rules and regulations:

  1. Short Film should be not more than 30 mins
  2. Programming
    As a general rule, the festival also aspires to discover new films and new filmmakers and artists.
  3. Sections
    MT Short Film Festival consists of three sections of films,
    a. Feature films
    b. Documentaries
    c. Mobile Films ,
    There are two categories in the Fiction section, i.e. films shot on;
    a. Professional Camera
    b. Phone Camera
  4. Selection
    The organizing committee of the Festival selects the films for the official program, assisted by a Selection Committee made up of expertise. The committee of the Festival reserves the right to choose the section in which the films will be presented.
    a. The films selected for the festival will be showcased for the audience and invitees.
    b. The winners will be declared on the website and in news paper
  5. Conditions for admission
    All the film submissions in MT Short Film Festival must be supplied in digital format/online downloadable link. No other film formats will be accepted.
  6. Registration
    All films sent for selection must be registered online by filling in the entry form. An entry fee must be submitted beforehand. Registration is only considered completed, once the fee has been received by the festival. The festival reserves the right to disqualify any submission that does not meet eligibility criteria mentioned in these regulations, without refunding registration fees.
    Submission Deadline- 15th November 2021
    The entry form must be filled in and the entry fee received before the deadline.
    Films sent for selection must be in the original language with English subtitles.
    A director or production company may enter more than one film, provided a separate entry form and fee accompanies each film. The entry form must clearly mark the section entered for.
  7. Conflict of interest
    In order to avoid any conflict of interest in the film selection process: Members of the selection committee who are decision-making collaborators in the development of a film may not take part in discussions concerning it.
  8. Confirmation of selected films
    The films sent for pre-selection will be judged internally by the organizing committee through which few short films will be selected. Those short-films will have a physical screening which will be judged by the final jury (renowned artists from the Marathi Entertainment Industry) and the results will be announced at the physical screening venue itself. Only selected films will be intimated by email. No letters of non-acceptance will be sent.
  9. Documentation for selected films
    For each selected film, the following material must be sent after receiving the selection notice. MT Short Film Festival reserves the right to use this material for the promotion of the film and the festival.
    • At least three stills from the film (JPG)
    • A photo of the filmmaker(s) (JPG)
    • A file or a password-protected link of the final version of the film in high quality with English subtitles.
    • Posters
  10. Languages and subtitles
    A copy of the film with embedded English subtitles must be provided for by the production company at its expense. The original language subtitles, if they exist, must also be provided.
  11. Submission deadline of the screening copy
    The screening copy i.e digital format or downloadable link or online screeners of the selected film must arrive on MT Short Film Festival’ private and internal server. This deadline will be informed to you after selection of your film. It must be respected without fail in order for the Festival to ensure the best screening and subtitling possible during the Festival.
  12. Participants’ obligations
    A film cannot be withdrawn from the festival once confirmation of its participation in MT Short Film Festival has been received following the official email notification of its selection. The production company confirms that all image rights of the persons in the film have been cleared.
  13. Authorizations
    After selection of a film, the festival has the right to:
    • Keep the high resolution video files of selected films in its archive for non-circulating use and educational purposes
    • Share the film privately with selected journalists before the festival
    • Use all publicity material to promote the Festival
    • Use short excerpts of the film for its video clips promoting some sections of the festival
  14. Programming
    The Artistic Direction of the Festival decides which films are selected. This decision is final. Each film selected can be screened several times during the festival.
  15. Festival prizes – There will be one film awarded from the films that get selected in the Documentary Section:
    Best Film in Documentary Section – ₹ 15,000

    1. There will be two films awarded in each category of Fiction Section:
      1. Professional Camera –
        First Prize: ₹ 25,000
        Second Prize: ₹ 20,000
      2. Mobile Camera –
        First Prize: ₹ 10,000
        Second Prize: ₹ 5,000
    2. Individual Prizes –
      Best Director- 5000
      Best Story-5000
      Best DOP (Cinematography)-5000
      Best Editing- 5000
      Best Music-5000
  16. Payment of prizes
    Unless otherwise indicated, the prize money is paid directly to the filmmaker. They are responsible for redistributing this money according to the contracts they have with their partners.
  17. Conditions for participation
    Participation in the festival implies the unconditional acceptance of all articles set out in these regulations. The committee of the festival alone is permitted to grant exemptions from these regulations and to make exceptions. The festival reserves the right to change these regulations at any time and without notification.
  18. Each contestant will be asked to share their short film with maximum duration of 30 mins and censor board certificate.