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Physiotherapy Session

Date :Sat September 26, 2020 Time :06:00 pm Available Seats : 100
Sat September 26, 2020
06:00 pm
Available Seats : 100
Member Price 300 (inclusive of all taxes)
Non Member Price 400 (inclusive of all taxes)

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Due to the current lockdown scenario, people are working from home involving sitting on laptops for prolonged period of time due to which they are facing alot of neck, back, muscular pains etc. Also everyone be it old, young have to do household chores as house help is still not available at alot of places leading to additional stress. Most of these pains are due to incorrect postures & if certain modifications are made along with a few simple exercises may help in reducing symptoms like pain as well as prevent recurrence. So in the first session, we will discuss about the causes, postures & modifications that can be made along with a few neck, shoulder/wrist exercises. In the 2nd session, I will talk about some, back & abdominal exs, lower body stretches & few breathing exercises

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