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Kalangan Gurukul Navi Duniya

Date :Thu May 04, 2017 Time :12:00 am
Thu May 04, 2017
12:00 am
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This is the time when you learn a lot of things, experiment on new things and drown into the ocean of joy! We welcome our children in very different environment here.. Green nature, wonderfully serene quiet, pleasant, clean and delicious vegetarian food ... And it turns this region into a musical paradise when children add some prevailed vocal music into it. Children are so enthusiastic that they learn everything that is taught to them with utmost acceptance. I know this faith that kids have, and it only makes me doubt myself as a teacher, because I also know how difficult it is to make these kids happy! Keeping children engaged in classical music for 5 consecutive days is not as easy as it sounds. Thankfully I have been doing it for the last 14 years. I make it a point to make everything that is taught, entertaining first and educative next. I have found lots of ways to make pure classical bodies like the Taal or a Bada Khyaal, fairly easy to grasp for children . Believe it or not, I simply use games as a tool for this. Of course, the process is extremely time-consuming but it also has to be entertaining. That moment when the entertainment and fun become one is when I truly experience success. Children slowly climb the steps of understanding , realising and actual practice , and the final result fills their hearts with joy. Kalangan' s Gurukul turns 15 this year. I learned from Pandit Neelkanth Abhyankar and Pandit Kanebua, who learned from Pandit Jagannathbua Purohit. So almost all Bandish have 'Gunidas', which was Jagannathbua's pen name taken as the creator. Predictably, children have numerous questions about this… solving them is the moto of our camp ! Our music exam pattern includes the biographies of many musicians , but children only meet these maestros with respect to their births, deaths, and awards. For children, they are only some artistes who existed at some point in history. But from my experience, well-read biographies of these maestros make them come alive for these kids ! They sympathise with the artistes' lives – they are surprised by the devotion towards the guru, they look up to the extent of hardwork, and are encouraged by their success. Uncountable activities happen throughout the camp – staying together, eating together, arguing, making friends, constantly singing , learning new subjects, teaching new subjects to those younger than them, taking up responsibilities and fulfilling them, preparing the programme for the mehfil, taking up the roles of the compere, accompanist, and so on. Kids start to anticipate the end of the camp, and in that anticipation, may construct 50 taans in one raag, or experiment with something new for the mehfil, or even re-compose a given song. Before they know it, the last day arrives, with tears in eyes, and we part with the promise of keeping up with the riyaz every day and meeting again at the camp the next year. This year, the Gurukul Navi Duniya camp will be held from 3rd to 7th May, 2017 at a venue very close to nature, not at all far from Pune. Children above 9yrs , and women teachers who want to know and learn more about music are welcome to the camp! Our only requirement is that a video of your singing be sent to baalswar@gmail.com before 18th April,2017 Thank you! Varsha Bhave For more details, contact: 9594962588/90 or Visit us at www.kalangan.org

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