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Garba Workshop

Date :Sun September 17, 2017 Time :11:00 am Available Seats : 60
Borivali, Mumbai
Sun September 17, 2017
11:00 am
Available Seats : 60
Borivali, Mumbai
Member Price 200 (inclusive of all taxes)
Non Member Price 500 (inclusive of all taxes)

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Become a Culture Club member and get entry to an exclusive Garba workshop at an discounted fees. "Dandiya Raas is a colourful form of dance having its deep roots in the Lord Krishna's era. It reminds us the times when the Lord Krishna used to play his flute for his beloved Gopis. Men and women performing Dandiya are used to form a circle. People with colourful attire dance with one move in clockwise direction and the other in anticlockwise. Besides these Gujarati dance steps movements, they carry a pair of beautifully designed bamboo sticks in their both hands. These sticks are called as Dandiya and pairs hit their Dandiya while making the eye contact with each other. Altogether, the romance blooms as the festival progresses. Garba is another famous dance in Gujarat which is mainly performed by women. This traditional dance is performed to please the Goddess Ambaji. The idol of the Goddess is encircled with the group of women devotees and the Gujarati Garba steps continue with the singing and clapping rhythmically. However, with the changing times, men have also joined to perform the rituals these days. The major attention of the show is the attire of women where they are wearing Cholis and Ghaghras. The men also steal the show with the colourful kehediyu and turban.

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