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Banff Mountain Film Festival

Date :Sun March 19, 2017 Time :05:30 pm
Pracharya B. N. Vaidya Sabhagruha, Dadar, Mumbai
Sun March 19, 2017
05:30 pm
Pracharya B. N. Vaidya Sabhagruha, Dadar, Mumbai
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Non Member Price 200/- (inclusive of all taxes)

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The Himalayan Club, founded in 1928, is one of the earliest clubs to have been established in the sub-continent. Over the years, the role of the Himalayan Club has modified to an extent to keep pace with the changing times and continues in its main mission by offering a meeting ground for its members - talks, slide-shows and films are organised regularly. The club enjoys a worldwide membership with its presence in almost all the countries, and has most of the famous mountaineers amongst its members. The Banff Mountain Film Festival is one of the flagship programs of The Banff Centre, Canada. It is one of the world’s per-eminentmountain festivals. Climbers, filmmakers, writers, and photographers from all over the world now recognise Banff as the key event in their mountain community; sharing stories with fellow mountaineers and armchair adventurers alike is a coveted privilege. The Himalayan Club is proud to announce that they have been entrusted with the screening of The Banff Mountain Film Festival in India for the year 2017, as part of the World Tour by The Banff Centre, Canada. We at The Himalayan Club with the idea of spreading the awareness of adventure to old and young alike through exciting films, has taken the initiative of screening these chosen award winning films to as many cities and towns in India as possible. Last year, more than 600 enthusiasts attended the Banff Festival in Mumbai. We are pleased to announce that this year, Banff Mountain Film Festival will be organised in MUMBAI on 19th March 2017. Cost for Non Members - Rs. 300 Cost for Members - Rs. 200

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